Kristin Lynch headshot

Kristin Lynch

Senior Wealth Advisor

Kristin is no stranger to the financial world or to Paducah although she was born and raised in Carlisle County. She graduated Murray State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business. Not too long after moving to Paducah, she married her husband, Matt Lynch. In 2008, they welcomed their one and only son, Brady, who keeps them on their toes while entering the teenage world. She is one busy momma raising a crew of boys since her house has become “that house”.

Her role at Jennings does not stop there. When it comes to “go getting”, she has mastered it. She starts her day off teaching a class at the PAC at 4AM! She journals, evaluates her goal wall, takes care of 3 dogs and then begins her day with cooking her son breakfast. Kristin believes on being intentional with everything she does. That doesn’t mean she won’t settle for a quiet weekend with a good movie and a little extra sleep. Always wanting to improve and move to the next big thing. Outside of being an overachiever, you can catch her by the pool, complaining about yard work, or jumping out of a plane!

She is a huge believer in goals and will talk for hours to you about yours. Goals are something she is passionate about since in her life, and career, she has seen what goals can do for people when you follow it with a plan. That is where she comes in to play with Jennings & Associates as the Senior Financial Advisor. She has been here since the very beginning and plays a large role in the growth and success of Jennings & Associates. She focuses on building financial plans that focus on creating income and assisting clients when life changes such as death, divorce, retirement and business succession.

Kristin and Brady
Kristin and Her Family