The clients we serve generally call on us wanting help in developing a comprehensive income plan.  In most cases, they have spent years saving, investing, or building their business and need assistance piecing together income from 401ks, IRAs, and 403B plans while navigating social security decisions and taxes.  We’ve developed a repeatable and predictable method to help you develop a plan and monitor.  We call it the GPS Method.  Call us today to schedule a 15-minute FIT meeting to learn more and see if we are FIT. 


Dale Story

Creating Income from Retirement Savings

We help clients create specific income plans from their retirement savings accounts. If you need helping converting a 401k, IRA or 403B plan into a monthly income check, we can help. We have the tools and experience to help you avoid penalties and manage taxes while we help you build a sustainable income plan. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute fit call to see if we might be a fit to help you.

Creating Income from the sale of a Business

If you’re considering selling your business, we will work with you and your accountant to manage tax consequences while creating a sustainable income plan for you and your family. Selling your business is a big decision, so call us to sit down and discuss how our GPS checklist can help you through the process.

Keith Warner
Rich Allshouse and Bernie Bass

Creating Income from Investments and Business Income

Sometimes you want your cake, and you want to eat it too. If you’re trying to create income from your investments and generate income from your business or consulting efforts, we can help coordinate and integrate those two sources. Our team will help you put a clear plan in place to work toward your goal. If you want to make work optional, not required let us help – schedule your 15-minute fit call today!

Setting Clear Goals and Plan using the G.P.S Method

If you want more income than you have now, you probably need a clear GPS to get you there. We help clients develop a written GPS (Goal. Plan. Strategy). Studies show that only about 3% of individuals have goals and only about 1% write them down. We’ll work with you to develop a clear plan that’s actionable and we’ll do it through a monthly subscription. If you’re not getting value, you can stop any time, no strings attached. Call us today to schedule your fit meeting and join the 1% who have their intentions in writing!

Dr. Ryan and Carla Frazine
Shirley Petway

Leaving a Legacy

If you or a family member has more income than you need, it maybe be time to start discussing a legacy plan. If you’re interested in talking to someone about what you’d like to leave behind, schedule a 15-minute fit call or appointment to tell us a little bit about yourself.