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Here’s a sample of some of our team's chats. Sometimes they talk goal setting (their favorite topic – ask Keith says, “you can’t hit a target you don’t have!”) and other times they talk investments, taxes, or current economic policy.    You’ll learn one thing quickly:  most of our team is made up of nerds that like talking about the economy, taxes, and behavioral finance.  Enjoy!

Small Business Actions You Could be Taking

Information for 1099 Employees

Recovery or Depression?

What Do I Do Now?

Consuming Information

Interest Rates are Going Down, Now What?

Actions for Small Business Owners

How to Maintain Your Mental Health

Emotions of Investors

Money Mindset and Financial Literacy

What’s Your View of the Elephant?

Almost twenty years ago now, I started my career as a financial advisor. Markets had been stretched to their limits and the feds began a slow reduction in

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Short-Term Performance or Predictable Sustainable Income

Many investors watch their statements like a hawk! And while that's not all together bad, it's not all together good either. In the business world, I'd liken it

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