Pursuit of Time

Nights. Weekends. Working two jobs. 18 hours days. 

You name the conditions and Keith Warner probably did it starting out at his father's radiator shop in 1969.

For six years Warner worked the graveyard shift on the railroad as a yard man and would put a full day in at at the radiator shop. Back when it was just he and his dad, Red Warner./p>

"You could always expect about three o'clock on Friday afternoon to get a call to work all weekend," he said. "But that's how we built our reputation: service. We never did advertise."

Warner's brother, Jimmy, joined the crew in '76 and the brothers eventually bought into the company.

Warner remembers the day when his dad retired.

"Friday was his last day of work. Well we were open Saturday, and he was there Saturday. And then on Monday," he said. "Dad was just that type of guy."

"I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your dad," he said. "But mine was my hero."

So you can imagine it wasn't an easy decision to sell the business.

"I wasn't ready to quit. I was 56 years old. Hell, everybody I know works," he said.

But Warner would eventually use that time to take care of his wife, Linda, who is a cancer survivor, and who he met on the dance floor. A skill his his hero and father instilled in him.

"Dad's hands were black as coal. That stuff was ingrained," he said. "But whenever they got a chance they would dance. I guess it's in my blood."

Saving was also in the man's blood, who said he took out his first life insurance policy at 16-years-old and said if he made $50, he'd try to save $20.

Now, with his family business passed on to a new leadership and staff, Warner still pops in from time to time to chat. And, he's starting to embrace his independence, especially when he can play those top tier golf courses in Florida while it's snowing back in Kentucky.


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