Natalie Quint: Business Spotlight

We want to spotlight a local entrepreneur, Natalie Quint, whom is going out and starting her own business. All of us here are so impressed with what she doing and what she is embarking on. We just had to ask her a few questions on what that whole experience has been like.


J&A  -  Could you give us a brief biography of yourself?


Quint  -  Yes, I went to Shawnee Community College on an athletic scholarship, achieved my bachelors in psychology at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and finished my masters of social work at Southern Illinois university Carbondale. I worked as a school social worker in Illinois prior to starting a private practice in Carmel, Indiana.  Due to relocations and raising a family I have had the opportunity to explore many different types of social work and counseling roles.  I am currently an oncology social worker at Baptist Health in Paducah, KY.  In 2013, I also started an anti-drug coalition in Massac County called MCDAC.  It is still thriving where I continue to serve on the executive committee and stay involved in activities and their contributions to the community.


J&A  -  Could you give us a brief description of your new business?


Quint  -  Sure, it is a private practice counseling office, where as a therapist, I see clients on an individual basis or for marriage and family counseling.  Clients are most often referred to me for depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, addictions, eating disorders, learning disorders/adhd, major life changes/stress, and/or marital/family discord. All sessions and goals are tailored in a holistic way to meet the client’s needs with a variety of modalities of treatment/therapy types which include teaching clients mindfulness and cognitive/behavioral skills.


J&A  -  What have been the biggest challenges been so far?


Quint  -  I am currently in the process of applying for credentialing with insurance companies in order for clients to be able to use their insurance versus private pay.  This is a lengthy and timely process which is a barrier for clients beginning treatment and being able to afford appointments needed to meet their goals.   


J&A  -  What’s the most exciting part of opening your own business? 


Quint  -  I have always had some entrepreneur in me and in the past it has been more of a social entrepreneur role. Incorporating ideas and starting new things, based on changes that I see that need to happen. I thoroughly enjoy networking, collaboration, marketing, and meeting goals as I go to build this business and make it successful. It’s truly inspiring how doors open and opportunities present themselves. Then the hard work brings it all together.


J&A  -  Why did you decide to do this?


Quint  -  I have 20 + years experience in the social work field and have enjoyed all of my roles thoroughly but counseling is truly my passion. I love helping people in this setting. The value of talking with someone one on one, actively listening, helping people heal, find insight, giving them education and skills they can use when they leave, and making them feel comfortable is truly a gift I have been given. It doesn’t feel like work to me and I enjoy the outcomes I see. Knowing I have helped people on so many levels. The flexibility of working for myself is also very appealing. I have two young boys and a great family that I want to spend as much time as I can with. To be more involved raising a family, being a bigger part in their activities, and maintaining a household.


J&A  -  Where do I see yourself in a year? 5 years? 


Quint  -  I greatly underestimated the need for therapists in this area. Most local offices have a long wait list based on my research and I anticipate my practice to be thriving at capacity within the year mark. My practice is also going to pursue contracts with other social service agencies and possibly begin to offer EAP agreements where employers can send their folks to me as well. As my practice grows, I would like to start incorporating group therapy, as it has a certain power and value that is undeniable. 

I have come to know a wonderful community of people in Paducah that practice yoga and reiki. They are very active in planning retreats and workshops in which I would like to contribute or be involved in. Lastly, I plan to continue and expand my knowledge base as a private practice therapist in seminars, attending conferences, and becoming certified in very specific treatment approaches. Some of those treatments are divorce mediation, talk space (texting/counseling app for phone), blog development and writing, and becoming a trained Gottman therapist. 


J&A  -  Anything else you would like to add?


Quint  -  The true magic of therapy is the client/therapist relationship.  Human connection and rapport is so very important. Empathy and understanding from a nonjudgemental view is another thing that makes clients feel comfortable and safe which is so very important. I am just a vehicle, it is up to them to go out and do the work to be successful. I believe in the power of intentions and positivity. Despite circumstances in my own life or my clients, we all have the capacity to grow, learn new ways of dealing with things to make life more manageable, successful and be a healthy, happy person.


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